Marathon Clubs

World Marathon Challenge finishers will become members of the exclusive INTERCONTINENTAL MARATHON CLUB, reserved for athletes who have completed all 7 marathons across the 7 continents in one continuous attempt.


1. A marathon distance is 42.195km (26.2 miles).

2. The seven major continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

3. A marathon distance in its entirety must be completed on each continent. A marathon which starts on one continent and finishes on another will not be counted. Marathons on treadmills or boats will not be counted. A person running beyond a marathon distance as part of an ultra marathon must complete the advertised ultra marathon distance or be given an official split time for the marathon.

4. Islands located near a continental landmass are considered part of that continent if they are part of its tectonic plate or continental shelf. In this respect, Ireland and Britain are considered part of Europe, Greenland is part of North America (although politically part of Europe) and Japan is part of Asia.

5. There are some islands and island groups that are not considered part of any continent: Hawaii is an example.

6. For the avoidance of doubt, the South Shetland Islands, including its northernmost King George Island, and the Falkland Islands are not considered part of the continent of Antarctica. These islands are not located within the Antarctic Circle, they are not located on Antarctica's continental landmass, and they are not part of the Antarctica Tectonic Plate or geographic continental shelf. The South Shetland Islands are specifically located on the Shetland Plate while the Falklands are on the South America Plate. Both sets of islands also share a distinctly more moderate set of climatic conditions that sets them apart from the continent of Antarctica.

7. To be eligible for membership in the Intercontinental Marathon Club, runners must complete all 7 marathons on 7 continents in one continuous attempt. This requirement holds true regardless of whether the seventh and final leg is finished within 168 hours from the commencement of the first leg. Those who finish within this time frame will be distinguished on the Club members list with a "168-" sign, while those who exceed 168 hours will be recognized with a "168+" sign on the club member list. In order to be eligible for setting a new world record, participants must achieve the status of "168-" finishers.

8. Members of the 7 Continents Marathon Club / Intercontinental Marathon Club should exemplify the spirit of adventure marathon running.


There are 195 members, 139 men and 56 women, who have run 7 marathons in the World Marathon Challenge.

Members of The Intercontinental Marathon Club (Men)

Aimin Pu
Xiaobin Qiu
Karan Rai
Aditya Raj
Calum Ramm
Eravanan Rao
Philippe Richet
Josh Samson
David Samson
Steve Scott
Cristian Sieveking
John Silverman
Rick Steele
Krzysztof Stepien
Ross Taggart
Thomas Taut
Jonathan Terrell
Olivier Thiriet
Gary Thornton
Eric Tozer
Lukasz Urbaniak
Ahmet Uysal
Petr Vabrousek
Pit Van Rijswijck
Michael Wardian
Robert Weeks
Dorn Wenninger
Luke Wigman
BJ Williams
Douglas Wilson
Brian Winter
Nick Wishart
Pierre Wolkonsky
Ben Wright
Eric Xin
Christopher Yanney
Chris Yanney
Arno van Triest

Members of The Intercontinental Marathon Club (Women)

Meriem Achab Zekri
Georgina Acons
Demelza Alderson
Sarah Ames
Sara Bennett
Yunren Bolortuya
Heather Brien
Silvana Camelio
Deb Carneol
Heather Carr
Linda Carrier
Pushpa Chandra
Gina Chapman-Davies
Emma Clair Dumont
Amy Clove
Renee De Marsh
Gulzhamal DeFelice
Stephanie Gicquel
Susannah Gill
Heather Hawkins
Nahilia Hernandez
Jill Jamieson
Kelly-Ann Jenkins
Jessica Jones
Sinead Kane
Deirdre Keane
Alicia Kletter
Sarah Lacina
Gloria Lau
Carrie Lavigne
Celene Loo
Kristina Schou Madsen
Keri Mandell
Suzanne McKeen
Kelly Allen McLay
Nontu Mgabhi
Rebecca Mitchell
Cara Nelson
Lauren Neuschel
Meghan Newcomer
Sally Orange
Shirley Parry
Becca Pizzi
Linda Quirk
Judy Scrine
Sasie Smittipatana
Jennifer Solomon
Sandra Suckling
Catherine Sun
BethAnn Telford
Julie Uychiat
Mikayla Wingle
Danielle Witkowski
Guoping Xie
Marianna Zaikova
Jin Zhu

Intercontinental Marathon Club - Half Marathon Members

Name (Men)
Ashok Arora
Byron Ball
Carter Cavett
Krishna Chigurupati
Brian Cronin
Jeremie Gicquel
Braxton Lee
Thomas Taut
Filip Vabrousek
Name (Women)
Janine Canham
Lauren Cavett
Uma Chigurupati
Elaine Du
Sandra Johnson
Julie LaForge
Maryanne Lee
Brandi Myers
Mona Lisa Pinkney
Sarah Reinertsen
Ginny Turner
Suzie Williams Zellers

Intercontinental Marathon Club - Handcycle Marathon

Name (Women)
Darren Edwards

Intercontinental Marathon Club - Wheelchair Marathon

Name (Women)
William Tan

Intercontinental Marathon Club - Assisted in Wheelchair

Name (Women)
Johanna Garvin

Intercontinental Marathon Club - 10 km Members

Name (Women)
Nicole Chik
Brandi Myers

Up To Date Records

Fastest Average Marathon Time (Men) - Michael Wardian (USA): 2:45:57 hrs

Fastest Average Marathon Time (Women) - Kristina Schou Madsen (DEN): 3:25:57 hrs

Fastest Duration (Men) - Richard Donovan (IRL): 4 Days 22 Hours 3 Minutes

Fastest Duration (Women) - Becca Pizzi (USA): 6 Days 7 hours 58 Minutes

Oldest Man - Dan Little (USA): 76 years old

Oldest Woman - Gloria Lau (SIN) 67 years old